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Water/Wastewater Engineers

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AECOM Jobs - Wastewater - Water Wastewater Engineer Jobs

According to your specialization, in collaboration with branch head and operating companies, the technical support engineer:. External corporate relations Water policing departments, water agencies. Profile Required experience. Training Engineer with strong technical skills.

Water & Wastewater Engineering

The systems are often old and worn out, not only from a global perspective but also to a great extent in Norway. The frequency of flooding in urban areas and disruption in water supply or drainage systems due to breakdowns or capacity shortfalls is increasing. Subsequently, significant investments in this infrastructure are to be expected in the coming decades, where leading economists predict that the global water and wastewater industry will experience a formidable economic growth in the 21st century.

Challenges and opportunities this represents will require a substantial effort and increase in research initiatives.

Some examples include:. IBM facilities include a dedicated water analysis laboratory, research halls for drinking water and wastewater studies, and an advanced urban runoff field station at Risvollan.

A Day in the Life of a Water Resources Engineer / Water Resources Engineering Vlog / Women in STEM

Visit the department research projects overwiew site here. People at Water and Wastewater.

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