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But behind the veil of Rex Deus — the Templar cabal that silently wields power in the twenty-first century — the plot has only just begun. The cabal has a position of ultimate control in its sights — and its head, Kate Sinclair is never going to yield her one great ambition for her US senator son, Richard Pierce Sinclair. That sort of thing. Still, these militia types are always both good for a laugh, and some harmless ridding the world of the extreme stupid people-type fun.

Like I say, I enjoy these books. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. John Holliday possesses a Staff he found in the hands of a 4, year-old Egyptian mummy. Holliday suspects that St. Clair may hold the key to unlocking the mystery of the ruthless, enigmatic Templars.

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But there are those who believe that some questions should remain unanswered. And that the answers Holliday seeks should go with him to the grave Help Centre. Track My Order. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. Add to Wishlist.

The Templar Throne (The Templars series)

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Six years after his death, a convent meeting in Wilhelmsbad from to finally agreed that Freemasonry had no connection to the Templars, and Strict Observance ceased to exist, most lodges being absorbed into the Rectified Scottish Rite. For most of the previous two decades, the most common foundation myth among German masons stated that Freemasonry came from the Knights Templar, protected and allowed to flourish in Scotland.

Andrew for masons who had supported him at Bannockburn, which was later joined to the Order of Heredom, which he founded at Kilwinning.

The Templar Throne

He introduced the Knights Templar as the bearers on Freemasonry to Scotland, and had the Templars play a crucial part in the battle. This appears to be the basis of subsequent tales of Templar involvement at Bannockburn.

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The contemporary Royal Order of Scotland makes use of a similar foundation myth, which is no more intended to be taken as historical fact than any other piece of masonic allegory. Holy Blood, Holy Grail further embellished the "lost fleet" topos discussed above, alleging that the Templars in these ships "fled to the New World by following old Viking routes", i.

As early as , historian Helen Nicholson in a popular history of the Templars dispels the idea that the Templars could "spare ships to indulge in world exploration". There is a modern urban legend to the effect that the tradition of Friday the 13th being unlucky originates with the date of the simultaneous arrest of many templars at the behest of Philip IV on Friday, 13 October From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Part of a series on the Knights Templar. Omne datum optimum Milites Templi Militia Dei Pastoralis praeeminentiae Faciens misericordiam Vox in excelso Ad providam France England Scotland Spain Portugal.

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The Templar Throne Will Be Mine (Parisian/French Holy Templar Leadership)

The Times. Retrieved 24 October In The New Knighthood Barber referred to a variant of this legend, about how an unspecified Templar had appeared before and denounced Clement V and, when he was about to be executed sometime later, warned that both Pope and King would "within a year and a day be obliged to explain their crimes in the presence of God", found in the work by Ferretto of Vicenza, Historia rerum in Italia gestarum ab anno ad annum usque Malcolm Barber, The New Knighthood , pages Cambridge University Press,