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Grieb said Kent moved away after enlisting in the Navy in Kent's mother, Mary Smith, taught sixth grade in the district until retiring last year, Grieb said. Kent, who lived in Maryland with her husband and two children, was assigned to the Cryptologic Warfare Activity 66 based at Fort George Meade. Cryptologic technicians are part of the Navy's intelligence-gathering apparatus, analyzing encrypted electronic communications and using computers and other technology to compile information on the nation's enemies. Duncan Farmer characterized his son as "a good man.

Mysterious poisoning of a Navy lieutenant leads to one of NCIS' most notorious cold cases

Good son. Good father. Good husband. Duncan Farmer said they knew Jonathan, a Green Beret, was in Syria, but "we didn't know exactly where. At that point, I was extremely emotional.

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The Navy man was ready for the voyage home to jump back into the everyday reality of being a family man. As Chris sailed toward the American West Coast, he had no clue of what he will face. Unbelievable Moment After the sweet reunion with his children, Chris headed over to Natasha. Mildly smiling, she was holding a large poster welcoming her spouse back from his Navy duties.

As Chris reached out to hug her, she stepped back and dropped the sign she had been holding. Are you serious? But the placard was covering another message that Chris could never have expected. Finally, this family felt relieved after months of being apart, and they now had a new baby to look forward to.

Those In The Know Natasha wanted to keep her pregnancy a secret even in front of her family and friends in order to avoid that someone accidentally gives the surprise away to Chris. However, her growing stomach became apparent and she had to insist for them to maintain her lovely secret.

One of those friends came to the Navy homecoming and recorded a video of the Daugherty family reunion. The touching video quickly became viral on Facebook and now counts more than half a million view. Yet no one, and especially Chris, could understand just how Natasha was able to keep her secret for so long. Strategic Silence Attempting to give her husband such a beautiful surprise, Natasha had to think of some pretty smart ways to hide her pregnancy. Of course, she was sending Chris photos from home to cheer him up while he was on his duty and update him about their everyday happenings.

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She had to be extra careful around the other children. Natasha did everything to hide her growing baby bump in the photos she was sending to Chris. On one of them, she hid her stomach with their toddler by placing him on her lap. She was most afraid of her eldest child whom she had to fool properly.

Otherwise she would tell! Being so excited about it she thought of telling Chris the good news in an email. Secret Out Of Love Obviously keeping the good news secret from her husband was one of the most struggling things Natasha has ever done.


She knew as well that if she told Chris while he was on his Navy Duty, he would worry and would constantly feel like he was missing out. Also, the Navy wife wanted to share all the struggles and fear that she was going through while expecting a baby.

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But she decided that the surprise would be worth the sacrifice. Even if Chris had missed the first 7. Luckily, he returned in time. When the couple met at the docks that day, Natasha had revealed to Chris that she was pregnant, but the Navy sailor did not know yet one vital secret about the incoming arrival. Would it be a boy or a girl? Gender Revealing It was clear to Natasha that right after Chris returned home the family would be throwing a gender reveal party. They invited their friends and family and gathered them together for the happy event.

Watch this military wife surprise her husband with big baby news at his homecoming

Natasha and Chris popped bunch of balloons that revealed pink confetti! The Daugherty couple was about to have another daughter and they were over the moon from happiness. Their fourth baby was due in August, which left them a little less than 2 months for something were desperate for. Apart from stocking up on diapers and new baby stuff, and completing final touches to the nursery, the couple managed to have some adorable maternity shots too. The loving couple was able to have some bonding-time with their three oldest kids before welcoming the fourth.

This time spent with his family was what Chris had dreamed of doing for all of his time away. But still there was one big catch, and everybody knew it. A matter of time Although he spent months enjoying the time with his family, playing and cuddling with his kids while the due date grew closer, Chris was wondering about one difficult question.

And this worried the rest of his family. Everybody knew that in the near future Chris would get a deployment notice, but when? For how long? The Navy Wife with a happy life seems to have a particular set of skills. That Navy Wife looks at things in a certain way. She runs her family in a way civilians don't quite understand. Male spouses are even a more unique breed -- so not all of these things apply to the guys. That is why I will use "wife" here instead of "spouse. Marry a sailor. Marry someone who loves the ocean, or loves the way the inside of a ship smells, or gets excited to see a plane or a helicopter in the sky. Marry someone who loves what they do -- that happiness will be passed on to you.

Dress your family in anchors and N-A-V-Y. Ignore the people who try to tell you that the Navy is just a job.

1. Anchors Away

If it is just a job your sailor won't be doing it very long. Instead, let your family think of the Navy as the environment you live in, the place where you are from. Be a little proud of it. Bless the spouse who's got her own. As much as the Navy will be a part of a Navy wife's life, it isn't enough to be her entire life. The Navy will not be signing your paycheck or pinning medals to your chest. The happy Navy wife has direct accomplishments of her own -- a portable career, a skill, a hobby, an education. Discover your own divine spark, your own unconquerable soul. Rework your definition of love.

Our movies, books, and music teach that true love means never being apart. If you insist on constant togetherness as the sign of love, then you are going to feel unloved very soon in Navy life. Hold the center of your family. The rest of the world might think that couples ought to do exactly the same amount of work in a family. They should earn the same income. They should split chores down the middle.

Daddy and Mommy ought to be interchangeable to a wailing baby. That won't work in Navy life -- the sailor has to go to sea too often. Instead, the research says that Navy families do best when the Navy wife or at-home partner holds the center of the family and then lets the sailor come back to their own place in the family. Think of it like the way the sun holds the center of the solar system.

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As long as you provide the gravity, Navy Wife, the family is going to be alright. Founded on October 13, , the U. Navy is one of the most legionary organizations. Watch the video. Count the days you are together. If you want to be a bitter little woman, let yourself count up every day your sailor is out to sea or has the duty. I can guarantee you will develop ugly little lines around your mouth like you have been smokin' eight packs a day for 30 years. You and your sailor both need to make the days you are together count instead. Have more sex. A Navy family can't consist of two parents revolving around kids.