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Fundamentally, it asks why we have EU institutional actors, why certain member states and particular societal actors tried to take on a leadership role in climate change politics and how, if at all, have they managed to achieve this? This text will be of key interest to scholars, students and practitioners in EU studies and politics, international relations, comparative politics and environmental politics. Skip to main content. But that truism may be debunked this year because of the apparently heavy move of the Scottish Labour voters to the Scottish Nationalists, even though they lost the independence referendum.

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Compensating for that and further dividing the electorate, the U. Independence party, which Cameron mistakenly and unjustly tried to smear as a ragtag of xenophobic skinheads, seems set to take about 15 percent of the vote, about two-thirds of that from the Conservatives.

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And the Liberal Democrats seem about to be rolled back to the handful of MPs that they have traditionally enjoyed from outlying districts such as the Scottish islands and parts of Wales. There are also normally some distinctive Northern Irish parties, and the whole picture looks now like the Conservatives will emerge as the largest party, but again about 25 or 30 MPs short of a majority and needing to scrounge among three or four smaller parties to sustain themselves.

Merkel on the ropes: What 'a leaderless Europe' could mean for its fragile recovery

In these circumstances, if the past is any guide, the Conservatives, whose leadership is entirely in the hands of the parliamentary party, and which have eased out or unceremoniously dumped every leader they have had since Stanley Baldwin in , apart from those who resigned just before they could be removed, and including even the greatest prime ministers of the past years, Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher albeit Mr.

Churchill was 80 and had had a stroke , will give Cameron the order of the boot and replace him with a trans-factional leadership of the current Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, and the flamboyant mayor of London, Boris Johnson. This tandem could probably win a couple of confidence votes, form an electoral alliance with the U. Independents, and return to the polls and likely emerge with a solid majority. But the regression of the British Labour party is worrisome, as is the advance of the primitive Left elsewhere in Europe.

Angela Merkel, the Most Powerful Woman in a World of Unstable Men

Europe is still sorting out the relaunch of the European project; federalism has stalled, the complacently assumed rise of Europe to rivalry with the United States has evaporated, despite the feebleness and failed foreign policy of the past 15 years in Washington, and there is no consensus about what to do, nor any serious leaders to provide one, nor any encouragement from Washington. Obviously, Europe survives, and, despite abrasive posturing from the Kremlin, Russia is in no position to threaten Western Europe as it did throughout the Cold War.

Europe and the world are missing the firm leadership the United States gave, apart from the aberrant Jimmy Carter, from Franklin D. Roosevelt even unto Bill Clinton. Nixon: A Life in Full. More articles. Previous articles. Most Popular. By Charles C.

After Angela Merkel, Who Will Lead Germany—And Europe? | The New Yorker

Read More. By Kevin D. Probably not.

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Should it? The Saudi regime is, to be plain about it, detestable. It is wildly corrupt and horrifyingly repressive, it tangles together sundry absolutisms and fanaticisms religious, nationalist, Third, European integration has nevertheless advanced thanks to the European Court of Justice enforcing agreed policies on laggard national governments, while the European Parliament acts as both ally and constraint on the Commission, Council of Ministers, and rotating presidency in improving incremental changes. So, the European Union muddles forward. Keywords: leadership , integration , confederalism , national sovereignty , agenda-setting , Franco-German tandem.

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