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She lives in Michigan with her hero and husban d, Jack, and the sassy tailless cat who found a home in their empty nest. Connect with Kathleen on her website at kathleenrouser. He remembers his mother and is sure the singer who is performing in town by the name of Willow Frost is his mother Liu Song. He escapes along with his blind friend Charlotte and they search for her.

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William experiences his own loss and eventually returns to the orphanage. I learned a lot about the time period and American-Chinese culture. So touching, and so well written.

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Worthy to have been New York Times Bestsellers. The Lost Garden by Kate Kerrigan. Aileen Doherty is a young Irish girl who accompanies her father and brothers on a trip to work in Scotland picking tatties. She meets Jimmy Walsh who is there doing the same, and they fall in love.

But a tragic accident pulls them apart. Stung by grief and abandoned by her mother, Aileen begins working on an abandoned garden. At the same time, disfigured by burns he suffered in the accident, Jimmy falls deeply into the underworld of London. Both have to work through their grief and find their way back home.

I enjoyed this book very much.

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The author writes from the west of Ireland, and although the story is set just post WWII, the setting comes alive, as do the quirky characters. The style is different from what I usually read.

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The author writes from an omniscient point of view, so the reader gets to know what each character is thinking and feeling in every scene. She does this well, and once I got to used to it, I was totally emerged in the story. It felt like pure Irish storytelling. For those of you who read strictly Christian fiction, this is not that genre.

However, even the harsh world of prostitution and drug use was handled with care, and for me it was not at all offensive. There were several allegorical images, such as the ashes from the fire where loved ones perished growing a never-before species of flower.

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This gave the book an overall literary feel that reminded me of novels by Susanna Kearsley, a Canadian author. Visit her website here. Thanks to the author from providing a free electronic copy of this book for review.

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Death would be preferable to life with Sir Roger Poole, a drinking, gambling, scoundrel whose advances make her skin crawl. Lucas sails the high seas as the dreaded Captain Bloodstone. He is on a quest to find his mother, a woman last seen clapped in irons by the Spanish.

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As his ship slips past Jamaica, he spies a young woman plunge into the sea. A prize of such beauty must be saved and Lucas dives in to rescue her. The last thing Lucas needs is to get involved with Travay, a childhood friend who caused him nothing but trouble. Lucas delivers Travay to her aunt in Charles Town and washes his hands of the affair. Or so he thinks. Will this wanted pirate of the crown risk his life to save Travay a second time? Betrothed to a man she hates, will Travay repay her debt to a pirate by marrying Sir Roger in exchange for his promise to pardon Lucas?

And if she does, will such a rascal keep his word? Falling in love with the pirate was never part of her plan …. Travay Allston literally falls into the hands of Captain Bloodstone as she does her best to escape from marriage to the scoundrel, Sir Roger Poole, by diving off the edge of a cliff on her horse. After all, he is busy seeking recompense from the Spanish and on a quest to find his mother, whom they captured. Their voyage to romance is filled with troubles at every turn! While Lucas is a fairly new believer and works hard to live a godly life, Travay wonders where God is. There is a strong faith thread as both hero and heroine wrestle with their questions of faith and life. Her characters come to life in their detailed historical settings. I highly recommend this enjoyable read! Elva is represented by Jim Hart, of Hartline Literary. Tuesday, 7 June Callahan's Crosstime Saloon.

Spider Robinson Callahan's Crosstime Saloon I'm a little torn by this one - a bunch of short stories all sharing the same basic setting and cast of characters, namely a bar which counts the occasional time traveller or representative of an alien invasion force amongst its customers - at least just enough to render the book recognisable as science-fiction, but with otherwise sufficient restraint as to prevent it turning into an episode of Red Dwarf , sort of.

In relation to a great many of his contemporaries rising up through magazines such as Analog , Spider Robinson's prose comes as a breath of fresh air, a shot in the arm, or whichever simile you prefer. His style is worldly and conversational, well-suited to the sort of jovial horseshit you'll hear in a bar - imagine a cheerier Bukowski who knows when he's reached his limit.

Given the setting, most of the actual content of this collection occurs as what I suppose you might almost term Socratic dialogues, in this case a bunch of guys sat around in a bar talking about stuff, right and wrong, guilt, absolution, and occasionally rambling accounts of life on other planets or a tour of duty in Vietnam. I went off to Nam soon after that—tried to get word to Steve in the stockade, but it couldn't be done. Callahan approaches him with his. Well, do ya punk? But for all of the recognition Eastwood received for the role, he was not the one originally cast for the role.

Initially, Frank Sinatra accepted the role but eventually backed out due to a hand injury. Burt Lancaster also turned down the role. As for other famous movies it is interesting to note that W. Fields passed on playing the role of Wizard in The Wizard of Oz.